Prof. Brijish Jahan (HOD)

Established in 2012,the department of history aims at building an academic community of students and teachers devoted to an critical and analytical study of the discipline with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approach. It also aims at making courses socially relevant and to develop in the Students an understanding that how could a present society address it's current issues by intervening in the past developments. After all the basic objective of this subject is to intervene in the past for the better present and to provide guidelines for the future.

Prof. Brijish Jahan joined college on Dec 2016. Her area of specialization is modern Indian history. For better understanding of the subject students are encouraged by her to make assignments,organise group discussions and to participate in quiz competitions etc. She believes that students will become more active by these measures and it will become a step towards shifting from conventional teaching to non­ conventional teaching.

Faculty Members

Ms. Brijish Jahan
Assistant Professor