Librarian's Message

The College library is housed in the separate block. The library being in its infancy stage is equipped with latest books in various subjects and provides useful and research oriented services to the students. Presently college library houses more than 9300 books on various subjects. 

We have separate reading rooms for both boys and girls with seating capacity of more than 100 students at a time. The college library also have Digital Resource Center (DRC) and Students facilitation centre. Besides the same library page on college website also gives access to some useful online 'Open Educational Resources' like SWAYAM, epgpatshala, Shodhganga, egyanksoh, etc. and also links students to various online book stores pertaining books on various subjects . The library service is open to the students on all working days on rotational basis for different classes. We are also trying our best to increase the number of qualitative resources/books that would cater to the future needs of the budding scholars. 

1. Books are issued to the students on the production of the College Identity Card. 
2. A student can borrow 3 book from the library at a time. 
3. The students should not take their personal books/belongings inside the library. 
4. Students are required to observe complete silence inside the library. 
5. The books lost or damaged in any way shall have to replaced by the borrower failing which double the cost of the books shall be realized from the student concerned. 
6. The books are issued for a period of 15 days only and fine of Rs. 1/- per day shall be charged after the due date. 
7. Reference books, Rare books/ Oriental collection may also be consulted within the college library.


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